The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) leads and supports university-wide initiatives focused on the recruitment of a diverse faculty, staff and student body, while fostering an inclusive and equitable community at the University of Michigan. ODEI also engages surrounding communities in mission-focused, mutually beneficial partnerships. The vision of the office is to envision a diverse University where all thrive and excel.



  • Business Office unit
  • Communication and Marketing team
  • DEI Strategic Plan team
  • Evaluation and Assessment unit
Pillars and Goals

DIVERSITY: We work to create a university community that reflects the vast, rich heterogeneity of the state and the broader society.

EQUITY: We work to create a university environment that fosters an equal opportunity for all members and promotes a university culture that discourages individual bias. We are also committed to eliminating institutional bias in all of its forms at our university.

INCLUSION: We work to create a university where every individual has a sense of belonging and the opportunity to contribute to the whole.

PARTNERSHIPS: We work to discover, develop, foster and celebrate mutually beneficial mission-focused partnerships within and outside the university community.

Getting to Know the Vice Provost and CDO