Robert Jagers

Director, Wolverine Pathways

jagers_rob_lgRobert Jagers is responsible for the development, implementation and ongoing improvement of the recently launched Wolverine Pathways initiative. His team works with targeted school communities to provide enrichment and exposures that aim to increase the likelihood that promising young people apply, attend and graduate from the University of Michigan.

Rob is an Associate Professor and past Chair of the Combined Program in Education and Psychology. He is also on the Executive Committee of the Center for the Study of Black Youth in Context (CSBYC). His basic and applied research interests include culture and its relevance for the social and emotional development of children and youth of color.

Rob’s current research focuses on the intersections of academic, social and emotional learning for adolescents and on youth civic activism, especially among boys and young men. In addition to his work at the University of Michigan, he is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and received his Ph.D. from Howard University.

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